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Artificial intelligence, the future growth direction of robots

Time:2019-01-08 Views:158
“The robot has been developed for more than half a century. The replacement rate of 10,000 workers is actually very small. If we convert it into a percentage, it will not even be 1%. If you replace 25% and 30% in the future, how much space can you imagine? Dr. Qu Daokui, chairman of the China Robot Industry Alliance, said that this has a premise that the next big replacement is not a simple substitute in the past, but that the current robot may be related to various networks, perception, intelligence, and data formation. A real new robot system.
Qu Daokui said that in special fields, such as aerospace, deep water and other life restricted areas, robots have always had huge demand. In the long run, in the future of consumer and service areas, such as medical, pension, health, rehabilitation and education, home and other fields of robots must be more integrated into the network, human-computer interaction, perception, etc., these areas of technology go forward In the future, the future robot market is a market without ceilings. Therefore, the real big market in the future is no longer a demand problem, but how the advancement of robot technology can meet the demand problem. One of the bottlenecks is the technical development of the robot itself.
"If the robot enters every family, when the child goes to school, the robot can help with the back pack, and can still play with it after school. If the consumer can also enter, it is undoubtedly a huge market." A robot in Shanghai The company‘s CEO said that both future enterprises, technicians and entrepreneurial teams have many market opportunities and development opportunities.
How to coordinate and develop between robot companies, artificial intelligence companies and IT companies? Dr. Qu Daokui believes that the future is the integration of robots, artificial intelligence, including IoT and IT technology itself. However, from the perspective of enterprises, these three types of enterprises are difficult to cooperate. Because of their various characteristics, the future is likely to be robotics. With the shortcomings of artificial intelligence and IT technologies, IT companies may have to develop artificial intelligence and finally become robots.
Moreover, each type of enterprise will develop outwards around its original center or core. In other words, according to the development of different enterprises in the future, there are phenomena in which different industries subvert another industry, that is, the so-called “cross-border robbery”. Like today’s e-commerce, it is no longer the IT and the commercial. Cooperation, but created a new e-commerce model. Similarly, the robot companies after 10 or 8 years are not the model of today‘s robotics companies. IT companies are no longer the model of the IT companies we see today, but create a new model. It is not a collaboration between everyone, but a new robot model, IT model, including AI mode, created along its own technology and new industrial ecology.
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