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China is being led to lead the unmanned smart device revolution, urban robots or rise

Time:2019-01-08 Views:197
According to the report, as the maker of the robot police, the Spanish PAL robotics company introduced the "police" duty, making people feel more like a tour guide, not a real police officer.
The company issued a statement saying: "This robot can provide practical information in multiple languages ​​with the help of software. It can also guide people to a designated location. In addition, people can use the built-in loudspeakers of the robot to contact the Dubai police. Call center. People can also enjoy other police services through it, such as paying a fine."
According to the report, the deployment of robotic police is one of the measures to raise the level of “intelligence” of police in Dubai. There will be more computer-controlled unmanned police stations in the area. The Dubai government hopes that by 2030, the proportion of robot police in the city‘s police force will reach a quarter.
The report also said that although the robot police is now a little junior, Noel Sharkey, a professor of computer science at the University of Sheffield in the UK, believes that their future work will be "more stressful", such as monitoring or searching for explosives on the streets. Wait for dangerous goods.
The report pointed out that China has promoted robots to many stations and airports. The 1.6-meter-high "E-Road Sergeant" has already "worked" at Zhengzhou East Station in Henan.
According to reports, this robot is equipped with multiple cameras, which used the built-in sensor to detect a fire hazard.
According to the report, the robot can also recognize faces and track suspects or suspicious persons.
The report also said that on the other hand, Shenzhen Airport launched the "Shenzhen Xiaoan" security robot last year. The robot is equipped with four cameras that perform security patrols.
According to Chinese media reports, “Shenzhen Xiao’an” is also equipped with a surprising “charged riot guard fork”.
The report pointed out that China is leading the revolution in unmanned smart devices. In China, people can see robots playing a large city function, providing new ways of delivering goods, and even providing unmanned taxi services.
Xia Ji, a professor at the University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom, believes that urban robots will surely rise.
He said: "I think robots can do a lot of things in the city. They can do cleaning, check houses, and transport items. They are now more expensive and often problematic."
According to the report, some people believe that in a decade, a large number of flying robots will appear in the sky of the city. They not only transport parcels, but they also help maintain urban infrastructure.
Bilal Kadu is working with colleagues at the University of Leeds in the UK to design a group of unmanned devices that can repair the pits.
Kadu said: "We have designed a set of three unmanned equipment, the first one is responsible for inspecting the road surface, the second one is capable of excavating, and is responsible for preparing for repairs. The third one carries a 3D printer and is responsible for actually repairing the road surface." The research team plans to launch prototypes this year.
According to the report, Kadu hopes that unmanned equipment will be widely used in the construction industry one day, and can report the problems it finds more accurately, instead of just “sending back a lot of data”.
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